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As requested by some absolute angels, TATTOO TICKETS are a pay-what-you-can digital-only purchase that gives you my blessing to get a tattoo of my work (which like, wow an honour, thank you!!), while also showing support to me, the goblin who made said work. πŸ’•


  • 4 price points; pay-what-you-can.
  • Digital product, so no, this cute lil ghost will not show up at your door, unfortunately.
  • Please send photos after cause this is cool as hell.


    • Purchase of this listing grants you a non-exclusive permission to use my artwork for a single tattoo; if you are getting multiple tattoos, please purchase multiple tickets.
    • Valid towards existing illustrations only, and almost everything in the shop is valid for a tattoo. Pieces created for clients or murals are not allowed.
    • If you're unsure if the illustration you'd like is allowed, please contact me before purchase to confirm!
    • The tattoo artist is of course expected to make minor alterations to adapt the design for ink & skin, but pls, no major reworking! If posting to social media, pls tag @thecastlerose as the original illustrator.

    Psst: If you're interested in getting a custom design created just for you, get in touch to chat about commissions!

    Price Point

    • Shipping info

      Turnaround: Orders are typically packed up and sent within 3 - 5 days of being placed.

      I always reach out if an address looks weird, but pls double check that you enter address details correctly! I'm not magical so I unfortunately can't do much if an address is entered incorrectly.

      Shipping Delays: Due to the state of the world, we're still dealing with occasional shipping delays; if your order doesn't arrive by the below estimates, please reach out!
      – Canada: within 1 - 2 weeks
      – US: within 1 - 3 weeks
      – International: varies, can be up to 2 months

    • Doing my best

      Eco-Conscious: Packaging & shipping products are eco-friendly alternatives and recyclable / compostable where available. All cardboard & most tissue paper is repurposed.

      Prints & cards come in plant-based PLA sleeves; pls check local guidelines to ensure they're compostable in your area. If you'd like your order to be packed without these, give me a heads up in the order notes!

      When possible, supplies & products are sourced from local companies within Toronto or Ontario.

      Mutual Aid: When my financial situation allows, I donate to local organizations doing anti-racism / anti-fascism work or directly to marginalized folks in need.

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