Designed with heart in Tkaronto, Ontario THECASTLEROSE consists of illustrated art prints, stationary, enamel pins, apparel, and other goodies for your home + bod with a simple message behind it's candy-coated aesthetic: be good to your heart, take care of your friends, and eat some dang plants.

THECASTLEROSE was founded in 2017 by graphic designer / illustrator / crybaby, Irene Castellano. 🌷

SHE / HER — Hi, hello, that’s me. The TCR shop started out as an excuse to draw cute pastel-coloured nonsense after long, boring days of working as an in-house graphic designer.

I've since left the in-house design world and now split my time between the shop and freelance work.

When I'm not drawing faces on flowers and turning them into stickers, I design thoughtful & whimsical branding, illustration, and other bits n' pieces for folks doing and making cool stuff. ✨

Check out my design + illustration work